Technical Support & Update Service

Technical Support and Update Service is available for all PERENNIAL Validation Suites, and is provided at no charge to new licensees as follows:
       C++VS        12 month 
       EC++VS  12 months
       CVSA  12 months
Technical Support provides the user with direct access to Perennial's development engineers for assistance with any problem encountered when installing or running a PERENNIAL Validation Suite.Technical Support is currently provided by telephone, email, and fax.
Update Service provides licensees with updates to PERENNIAL Validation Suites as they are released. The updates may contain corrections to any tests found to be in error, as well as new tests for any of the following:
  - official interpretations of ISO Standards, (or relevant specification)
- new features being incorporated by the ISO committee, (or relevant committee)
- features not previously tested.

The Technical Support and Update Service is renewable in twelve (12) month subscriptions immediately following the initial support period. Renewing this service insures your Perennial Validation Suite is always current; your conformity assessment and branding activities are done with the latest "official" version; and provides you with continued access to Perennial's technical staff.

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