Standards Committee News

ISO C++ Standards Committee (JTC1 SC22/WG21)


The ballot for a Draft Information Standard (DIS) to revise C++ 2014, has been approved.  We expect publicatiuon of C++ 2017 sometime this year (2107).  WG21 is currently working on a new revision to C++ scheduled for 2020.  WG21 and  PL22.16 will next meet in Albuquerque, NM, in November 2017



ISO C Standards Committee (JTC1 SC22/WG14)


The ISO/IEC C Standards Committee met in Markham, Ontario in esarly April. The meeting was split resolving Defect Reports for C11, reviewing final Technical Specification for the Floating Point effort, and discussing the next revision of the C Standard.  The Committee is leaning toward publishing a Technical Corrigenda in the near term, followed by a new revision in the 2020 time frame.   The C Committee, WG14 and PL22.11 will next meet in Albuquerque, NM, in NOvember 2017.






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