Dedicated to developing validation test suites and performing standards conformance testing for C and C++ Compilers. 


C++VS, Version 9.3, Jan 2017. 

Latest Validation Suite for ISO/IEC C++.  Includes tests for TC1 / C++ 2003, TR1, C++2011, C++2014, C++2017. Total over 350,000 test cases.



CVSA, Version 11.7, October 2016.

Latest Validation Suite for ISO/IEC C. Includes C11, C99, C90, K&R Classic C, TRs for Embedded Support, New Character Types, Bounds Checked C Libraries and Decimal Floating Point. Total 73,000+ test cases.



Validation Suite for ISO/IEC C embedded / freestanding environments, Version 11.5. Total 8,900 test cases.

Embedded C++ Validation Suite. Total 27,000+ test cases.

Original ISO/IEC- C Compiler Validation Suite. US Gov't and Industry Standard since 1990.


A new Committee Draft for the 2017 revision to the C++ Standard has been balloted by ISO/IEC. Work is also underway to resolve the ballot comments for the next revision to C++ for 2017. The latest C revision for 2011 has also been published, and is known as C11.

Perennial adds FIPS 160 (C90), ISO/IEC C99, C11, and ISO/IEC C++  to its Conformance Testing Laboratory for branding of compilers for C and C++. 


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