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Version 1.5, Jan 2005 27,000+ One year

EC++VS is the first and only validation suite specifically aimed at testing an Embedded C++ translator's or compiler's conformance to the emerging Embedded C++ draft standard.
EC++VS is derived from C++VS, the most authoritative and comprehensive validation suite for C++ available. EC++VS is tailored to meet the specific requirements called out by the Technical Committee Draft. Perennial's expertise with embedded systems, and our ability to work closely with customers, will insure that growing market of Embedded C++ implementations is well served.
EC++VS validates the conformance of Embedded C++ implementations to the Embedded C++ Technical Committee Draft, Version WP-AM-003, 13 October 1999. This draft can be viewed on the web at www.caravan.net/ec2plus.
Conformance testing programs officially awarding a Certificate of Validation are being developed by Perennial. Watch this site for information on certification/branding programs.

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